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It’s a Wrap!

576612_10201269986861091_760341896_nAs the sun was setting over the ridge of the hills behind us, we rolled the last shot on Cowboys & Engines. It was a close-up of Libby Letlow as Guinivere Turner, ducking down behind a rock as yours’ truly assaulted her with fake bullet hits from a paintball gun.

And then the direct sunlight was gone. The shadows in the valley of our dry riverbed location began to lengthen, and our day was done. To say I’m thrilled with what we were able to capture is an understatement; I’m positively ecstatic, and I think this film is going to be something truly special.

It’s impossible to properly thank everyone involved in a project like this. Like most films, Cowboys & Engines was a huge team effort, and I’m honored and gratified that everyone gave their all and then some to make this little movie seem so much bigger than it is.

I could fill the next thousand words with specific examples of people who went above and beyond for our Steampunk Western; Our astonishing and talented cast; our amazing DP and camera department; our incredibly helpful and supportive producers and execs who have kept us on the rails and rescued the show a half-dozen times; our slavishly-dedicated art department who literally lost blood, sweat, tears and sleep to make this movie happen; wardobe, makeup, props, even catering. Everyone, all down the line, has been magnificent.

As a better way to say thank you to everyone, here are the credits for the film as they currently stand (most of the post credits, the special thanks, the copyright, etc., are all still missing).

Michael Hemmerich & Melissa Kimbro present

An 1876 Production

An Unpunished Film

Richard Hatch
Libby Letlow
Walter Koenig
Kaila Katesh Freas
and Malcolm McDowell


Produced by
James Deen
Kevin Alexander Heard
Charles Mead
Paul Pilcher

Executive Producers
Michael Hemmerich
Melissa Kimbro

Written & Directed by
Bryn Pryor

Director of Photography 
Hollywood Heard

Production Designer
Kerri Appleton

Visual Effects Supervisor
Ryan Carter

Original Score
Vitaliy Zavadskyy

Assistant Director 
Jenifer Ellis

Additional Assistant Directors 
Neil Arnote
Nicholas Hiles

2nd Assistant Directors
Laura Hoyt
Heather Keheyas

Art Director 
Andy Appleton

Prop Mistress 
Lori Graff

Costume Designer
Tye Lombardi

Wardrobe Assistant 
Elizabeth Magalla

Key Makeup Artist 
Christi Belden

Assistant Makeup Artist
Kasey Goveia

Special Effects Makeup 
Katelyn Galloway

(In Order of Appearance) 

Cade Ballard — Richard Hatch
Guinivere Wheeler — Libby Letlow
Myrmidon — Mark Whitten
Symphony Furst — Stasya Knight
Professor Timéon — Walter Koenig
Mercy Timéon — Kaila Katesh
Spyglass — Jenifer Ellis
Dr. Clay — Malcolm McDowell
Salomé — Chase McKenna
Gunner — Jim Fulton
Starboard — Tye Lombardi
Iron Mike — Derrick Pierce

Mr. Hatch’s Stunt Double 
Bryn Pryor

Ms. Letlow’s Stunt Double 
Lily Cade

Associate Producers 
Brett Bozeman
Ken Brodzinski
Jake Fullilove
Lance Stewart
Julia Tasker

Bryn Pryor

Camera Assistants 
Jonathan Shrader
Benjamin Steeples

2nd Assistant Camera 
Lenny Lennox

Jib Operator 
Dana Anderson

Kelly Herrin

Key Grip 
Igor Kamoevi

Swing Gang 
Steve Creatol
Christian Rice
Monte Zwirn

Production Sound 
Lee Ascher
John Barzelay
Neal Doxsee
Chris Howland
Charles Mead

Jim Van Cooney

Set Construction 
Mario Colli
Sasha Collins
Franco Diaz
Heidi Leigh
Charles Mead
Arvind Ramand
Shaun Rivera
Clayton Tripp
Jim Van Cooney

Horse Wrangler 
Lily Cade

Visual Effects by Hall of Shadows

CG Artists
Ryan Carter
Gabe Koerner

Pre-Viz Artists 
Mark Gibbons
Jennifer Otenti
Satine Phoenix

Stills & EPK
Benjamin Hoffman

Additional Stills
Paul Sarkis

Production Assistants 
Tina Milluzzi
Jud Zumwalt

Marc Kramer

Location Support 
Jerry Giri
BCT Rentals

Catering & Craft Services 
Charles Avritt
Grace Craft Services

Additional Catering 
Future Definition

Location Representatives 
Jason Benesh
Jim Fulton
John Sanna

Filmed at 
Dirt Cheap Soundstage
Epic Valley Studios
Santa Clarita Movie Ranch

And on Location in the Angeles National Forest

Camera & Lenses provided by Birns & Sawyer

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