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COMING SOON TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU! (Probably, the one in front of you right now…)

More than a few people have pointed out that a status report is long overdue, so I’m posting this EVERYWHERE. The status of Cowboys & Engines is it’s freakin’ AWESOME! I know it isn’t fair to gloat when I’ve seen the film and you haven’t, but I’m excited!

Before a film goes off for its final sound design, scoring and audio mix, it’s necessary to “Lock the picture.” As a director, this means stepping back and committing to no more tweaking of the cut, no more editorial changes. From the standpoint of flow and shot-by-shot juxtaposition, the movie is done.

I spent the last few days making little tucks and adjustments, and putting in temporary versions of some of our big establishing shots for timing purposes. So, even though I’ve seen the film (500 times? More?), I got to spend a lot of time seeing it as a whole, rather than focusing on its individual parts. And I’m so incredibly proud of what we accomplished, I want to shout. The impulse to share C&E, even though it isn’t done, is SO STRONG, that I feel more certain than ever that we have a winner.

You have to recognize that every director has largely gone cold on a film by the time you see it. It’s new for you, but for the creator, you’re sick to the teeth of it by the time you release it into the wild. You know every crease, line, wrinkle & wart on the old girl. The most you can reasonably hope for is comfortable affection.

But… once in a great while, you get a film so special that you rediscover it again on the other side. The blemishes fade, and what’s left is a magical piece of art that gives you chills and you think, “I helped create this.” This weekend, I learned that Cowboys & Engines is one of those projects.

So, there will be no apologies that we’re so late in delivering, or that we’ve taken so long to finish. The decision not to rush was the right one. What we’ve made has simply taken time. Because it’s special.

Enough ephemera. I know you’re hoping for some nuts and bolts information. On our current schedule, the film should be completed around the first week in October. Once it’s completely done, we’ll release a new trailer online, and schedule the premiere screening (which some of you may well be attending).

Post-premiere, password-protected download links will be emailed out to everyone. That will, hopefully, keep ya’all sated while we prep the physical packages. Discs have to be authored, artwork printed, t-shirts made, there’s the matter of a small book I have to write… etc.

Realistically, expect all the physical goodies to go out very early in the new year. I’d promise sooner, but, y’know, I’d be lying.

Yeah, this has all taken a lot longer than any of us imagined. And you know, I’m so very glad that it has.

  • Bryn Pryor

Our Trailer is Going to Premiere at Comic-Con!

From the press release:

Cowboys & Engines, the steampunk western short that took Kickstarter by storm will be unveiling its first trailer for fans at the San Diego Comic-Con. Produced by James Deen (The Canyons), this first glimpse of the film, which stars Richard Hatch (Battlestar: Galactica), Walter Koenig (Star Trek), and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), will be shown at two different panels during the con.

 The first screening will be during the 35th Anniversary Battlestar: Galactica Celebration, hosted by Richard Hatch. This panel is on Thursday, July 18th, at 10:30 am in Room 6BCF.
The second screening will be at the panel Financing Your Dream: Kickstarter Funding. This panel features both Richard Hatch and Cowboys & Engines Writer & Director Bryn Pryor. It’s on Saturday, July 20th, at 6 pm in Room 9.
Plans are also afoot to have the trailer screened during the masquerade, but that’s not yet confirmed.
For more information about Cowboys & Engines, visit the film’s website, http://cowboysandenginesthemovie.com/ or our IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2916024/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Cowboys & Engines
Richard Hatch as Cade Ballard
Libby Letlow as Guinivere Wheeler
Walter Koenig as Professor Nicolas Timéon
Kaila Katesh as Mercy Timéon
and Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Clay
Executive Producers
Michael Hemmerich
Melissa Kimbro
James Deen
Kevin Alexander Heard
Charles Mead
Paul Pilcher
Written & Directed
Bryn Pryor
  • photo from Tumblr

    A small gallery of shots from the finished film. Coming soon!

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