A Steampunk Western

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How do I contact you?

Email Bryn.

How do I contact James Deen?

Email him through his website.

Are you still casting?

Afraid not. Even though some roles are listed as TBD, that’s only because we haven’t locked down that actor yet. We’ve seen everyone we’re going to. The only parts are available through Kickstarter.

Are you fully crewed?

It depends on what you do. Even if that position is filled, we love keeping in contact with artistic and creative folks, so don’t be afraid to email your resume and interest to Bryn.

Is this movie affiliated with the adult industry?

No. Not in any way. We only bring it up because both James Deen and Bryn Pryor are inextricably linked with the adult business, as any Google search will reveal. But this project is strictly mainstream.

Will the DVD and Blu-ray be Region Free?

Yes, the DVD will be region-free, and the Blu-ray will be all-region, so they’ll play anywhere in the world; however, the DVD will be NTSC only.

9 Responses to The Answers

    • Bryn Pryor says:


      The Paypal rewards work exactly like Kickstarter. We keep a database of everyone who donates via Paypal, and once the film is finished, your physical products will ship along with the Kickstarter products. If you get something like a date, or a part in the film, we’ll contact you ASAP to arrange those.

  • Sue says:

    Hi. I guess you know how this links to Wild Wild West, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Apache software. If not my cousin Steven Spielberg(Ward) probably could explain or one of his siblings Terri Smith(Welling) or Larada Woodward. 🙂 Though if the Battlestar G’s originals still talk just say hi to Dirk Benedict for me since he knows all about me and his son Simon(Jonathan Dimitriov) my cousin.

    Been a long time since the days when I got bit writing jobs doing holiday fill for dialoguing to doing creator work for Warner. Gave it up because it can be a harsh business especially when your a hyperlexic autistic(and grandchild of Eric Micheal Rennie). Odd the stuff is still coming out of Steven’s safe after all this time(I lost track of how much there was – though art school required me to do more at one time as I was one of the youngest through it being around 7 now I’m turning 46.). Well at least autistic persevering got somewhere though some TBI and aneurism’s caused me memory loss. Which just proves some fans/towns/families can be just a tad …

    No not in current contact with Steven since the 80s when my brother tried to swipe Eric Carr’s Porsche when he came to visit me. Eric was perfectly nice but then so was Cher, Billy Idol, and Pat Benatar who called from the Grammy’s once with Steven.

    Anyways I hope this goes well for you using the new tech which is a shift up from earlier times(Heavy Metal and Wild Wild West). I remember doing the old painted panel stuff. I have to wonder if that even exists outside of old art schools or original Disney. Oh and some funding if they still do it depending on who the project is linked to can be got through Lion’s Clubs International and the Shriners. Though I haven’t kept track of the standards limitations on contributors. I used to know the percents you could fund your own project followed by secondary funders and film board. Though I know at one point here you could get help via the schools apprenticeship or graduate programs for providing them with resume credentials. I know its how some of my design work got picked up from school and how some of the orchestrals were offered coverage for soundtracks.

    • Bryn Pryor says:


      We’ve been approached by a few producers about turning the short into a series of film. We’ve just launched a second Kickstarter to finance a few new scenes we’d like to shoot. If that happens, it might push the release back a few months. Either way, we should be announcing a release date next month.

  • Dear “Cowboys And Engines” Team, Are you aware that that actor Bruce Boxleitter likes the steampunk genre, so he’s creating a “Lantern City” cable TV series that is a steampunk production? Perhaps you should consult with that TV series team, because it might be possible to recycle a LOT of the devices and SPFX used in this movie on their TV show, and they could advertise your movie in the credits of their TV show as well. That covers it.

  • photo from Tumblr

    A small gallery of shots from the finished film. Coming soon!

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