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We’ve gotten a lot of press about Cowboys & Engines, and our furious Kickstarter campaign. We decided it was time to put together a digital scrapbook where we could keep all those clippings in one place.

— Richard Hatch was interviewed on the Fandom Access radio show, and spent a good deal of time talking about C&E.

— Maror Spoilers was one of the first websites to run our press release about the trailer screening at Comic-Con.

— A James Deen interview that mentions C&E.

— From the sex/love/living together section of a mainstream Danish site, all about Golden Globe nominee Malcolm McDowell joining the Deen-produced, Pryor-directed C&E.

— All about C&E, in Russian, published during Kickstarter.

— Dunno what it says, but we look awesome in Polish!

— Producer James Deen was a guest on Loveline. Here are the highlights.

— MajorSpoilers has this to say about us cresting $100k.

— SF Signal included us in their science fiction/Fantasy crowdfunding wrap-up.

— The amazing Brian Walton made us the #1 Pickstarter of the Week over at a little website called The Nerdist.

— This NerdBastards article about Malcolm McDowell joining the cast made us chuckle with glee.

— Super-Geek website i09 finally gets on board and shows us some Malcolm McDowell love!

— Uber goth portal Blue Blood posted one of our favorite articles yet!

— Portable calls James Deen the Ryan Gosling of porn!

— Sassy Tidbits posted us as their Support the Arts poster child!

— Missemmamm has this exclusive interview with producer James Deen about life, love and Cowboys & Engines.

— El Mayimbe at Latino Review has Cowboys & Engines on his shortlist of worthwhile Kickstarter projects.

— SlashFilm is one of the big daddies amongst intarweb movie blogs, and here they are pushing us.

— Love the title of this one; Geek-Start-A-Go-Go over at NerdSpan!

— To accompany the Kickstart Sunday selection, Bryn was interviewed for the FilmPulse podcast.

— Sexy Fandom put us on the front page next to some sexy cosplay babes.

— Even better, FilmPulse put us up as the featured project on their Kickstart Sunday blog!

— Ben Pearce over at FirstShowing.net chose us for his weekly Kickstart This! column, and that got us bouncing ALL OVER the web!

— FilmPulse.net sent a reporter to cover our firs table read, and this awesome article was the result.

— Steampunk Magazine did a detailed interview with writer/director Bryn Pryor about the creation of the alternate history for the movie.

— Bryn was also a guest on Kylie Ireland’s Wednesday Night Threeway radio show.

— Slashfilm put up a small funding notice for us.

— Steampunk Chronicle did a great article about the project.

— Matt Carter over at Movie Pilot is rooting for us.

— Blogger Michael Interbartolo gave us a mention.

— A great Shalom Life interview with James about C&E.

— This Hollywood Reporter interview is really just all about The Canyons, but, well… they mentioned us…

— Nerd News Plus really went to bat for us in this article.

— These pages devoted exclusively to steampunk news and the fan community found C&E and got behind it.

— Box Office Buz decided we were a great alternative to talking about the damned Superbowl commercials.

— Jamed Deen did a podcast interview with the folks over at Sadly Lacking Radio, with the main focus being Cowboys & Engines.

— Bryn did a podcast interview about C&E, life, porn, and everything else with Amber Love of Amber Loves Comics and Amber Unmasked. It was her featured “Vodka O’Clock” interview of the week.

— This is a great article on the film and the campaign, with some speculation about who we’re casting as Dr. Clay…

— Bad Haven wrote this piece urging their readers to help us fund the project.

— 411 Mania Ran this interview with producer James Deen that focuses on The Canyons, but discusses us as well.

— Cinema Assassin went all-out in asking people to give us some love. And money!

— Nerd Bastards did the same thing. Only more so.

— Adult Video News ran our press release officially announcing the launch of this site, as did several other websites, most of them from the adult media.

— First Comics News also ran the release.

— FleshBot interviewed James in Las Vegas, and posted the link to Kickstarter.

— As did Crave Online.

— This girl has a truly amazing blog. It is, quite literally, devoted to nothing except James Deen and Steampunk. Talk about our target audience…

— It doesn’t really count as press, but it’s damned cool that Walter Koenig put our Kickstarter project on his website.

— A few posters at Mark Millar’s website picked up the link and debated it. Bryn actually chimed in.

— Topless Robot ran a story about the Kickstarter, and speculated we might be shooting a porn at the same time. Short answer: NO.

— Major Spoilers ran our very first press release about the project here.

— Several big mainstream outlets interviewed James during the AEE in Vegas about Lindsey Lohan and The Canyons, but linked to us at some point.

— Our first real internet presence came when Libby Letlow’s brother posted the project on the boards of a game he’s developer on. Seems like the thread is still kicking…

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