A Steampunk Western

Ryan Carter — Visual FX Supervisor

Still_01With a passion for movies and storytelling, Ryan Carter has spent more than a decade creating visual effects and animation for a broad range of film and television projects. With a list of film credits that include Spider-Man 2, Day After Tomorrow, and Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow, Ryan eventually stepped away from large studio productions to create his own effects company, the Hall of Shadows, to directly serve the needs of smaller film and television production. With a client list that includes Comcast, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, SyFy, and Spike TV, Ryan has raised the bar for budget-conscious VFX production and proven that high-end digital effects are not out of reach for small production.

Ryan was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where he eventually enrolled as a Film/TV major at De Anza College in Cupertino. Though his early focus was directed more towards broadcast engineering, Ryan’s passion for visual effects was apparent in many of his student works. After graduating De Anza in 1995, Ryan took an engineering job at TCI Media Services (now Comcast). By 1998, he had moved out of the engineering division and into their production department where he assisted with graphics and animation for a variety of local TV ads. By 1999, Ryan had created enough content to put together his own demo reel, a reel that landed him his first Hollywood animation job at Netter Digital where he created animation and effects for shows including Max Steel and the Emmy award-winning Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Ryan has worked on projects at studios such as Foundation Imaging, Area 51, Tigar Hare, Ring of Fire, and Creative Logik. Today, with Hall of Shadows, Ryan remains committed to generating high quality animation and effects once thought impractical at lower budget levels. Regardless of the project or the client, Ryan strives to put quality first and ensure that every dollar spent ends up on the screen.

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    A small gallery of shots from the finished film. Coming soon!

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