A Steampunk Western

Unto the Breach

Anything you say in print about making a film is always a massive understatement. When I say it’s been harder, more stressful, more harried, more time-consuming, more chaotic, than you can imagine, I mean that literally. Every day has been something new that threatened to sink the film. Every day we’ve figured out a way to stay on track, if not on schedule, and keep moving forward.

And now we’re here. The writing, the designs, the campaign, the fundraising, the meetings, the wheeling, the dealing, the plans, the building, the compromises, victories and defeats have all conjoined, and tomorrow, around 8:30 am, they will produce actual footage from a project that first entered my head in 2009. Aphorisms like “It’s been a long, hard road” don’t begin to describe it.

Is everything ready? No. As I write this, my amazing art department is putting the finishing touches on the sets we’ll be shooting tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night, after we wrap, I’ll be working on Saturday’s props. I’m just now finishing my shot lists and blocking notes. We’re all exhausted and excited and stressed.

But it’s always that way. Every film that isn’t some hundred-million-dollar epic with a crew of four hundred operates the same way. It just is. Today I was on the phone from 5am until 3pm answering a flood of questions, dealing with problems, etc.

Tomorrow, all the chaos will fall away, and all that matters is what we capture. When they talk about the magic of movies, they don’t mean how wonderful or spectacular they are, they mean it’s like a trick; you only see what we show you.

Tomorrow, we hope to show you the best face we’ve ever presented to an audience.

I have an amazing crew and an incredibly talented cast. I wish us all good fortune.

(reprinted from Bryn Pryor’s personal blog)

One Response to Unto the Breach

  • Kat Crouch says:

    Sending best wishes to the entire cast and crew! Thank you for bringing us a Steampunk adventure worth getting excited about. Break a leg!

  • photo from Tumblr

    A small gallery of shots from the finished film. Coming soon!

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